Tuesday, April 10, 2018

4 Happy Campers

We didn't grow up camping, but I was happy to start once I had kids.  I loved tent camping, backpacking, and then more recently having a travel trailer.  

I don't know if everyone feels this way but once I have something new, I start noticing everything associated with it.  Once we got the trailer, I started seeing everything "trailer" related.  So, of course, we started carrying some of those items in the shop.
A Best Seller!
Who wouldn't want this adorable flour-sack hand towel in their trailer??!  

We just got this cute small "Happy Camper" wood sign in recently.

I love hearing about all of the different locations people go to with their trailer.  I'm learning about so many beautiful locations around the U.S. that our customers have visited.  Feel free to suggest your favorite!  So exciting! Traveling and discovering new places is the best. 

Although I have to admit, we aren't currently "happy campers".  There was a fire at the storage unit where we keep ours and it burned to the ground.  The entire trailer and everything inside is gone. :( 
It was so shocking and sad, but it will be ok.  We have insurance and began our search and found a new one.  Maybe I'll find some new camper products for the shop as well.  There's something to look forward to!  And it will all be good in the trailer hood again soon!!

Enjoy the outdoors,
Donna (& Diana)

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