Thursday, February 9, 2017

Competition 101

Competition 101

Just one of the many great things about our family is our fun-loving competitive spirit, which brings us all a lot of laughs.

A good example of our competitive humor is that each one of us siblings claims to be our parents’ favorite. Of course, we like to affirm this with “your favorite daughter” gifts and cards.  I’m not including our brother here because, we’d all admit, he is definitely the favorite (son).

Somehow we have managed to pass this competitive character on to our children.  They all claim to be grandma and grandpa’s favorite…

Our father is one of the biggest Chicago Cubs fan's out there.  So when the Cubs played in the World Series, two of his grandsons drove to Casa Grande, Arizona, one from Phoenix, and one from Tucson, to watch every game of the Series with their grandpa.  
Now, I’m not saying they did this to cement their ranking with their grandpa, but let’s be real, they are tied for #1.  Game on cousins…

Why am I sharing this with everyone? Well, Donna has always written our blogs and she is really great at writing.  Now that Donna’s plate is pretty full with running our shop in Wimberley, Texas, I volunteered (OK, I was asked) to contribute to the blog.
Need I say more…

Love, Diana (& Donna)

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