Friday, January 16, 2015

New Year, New Home, New Colors

I love the start of a new year. Even if it's been a great year, I always look forward to whats ahead~ hopefully some exciting new adventures! It feels like a fresh start where anything's possible.

2015 has actually already started out with a new adventure - home renovation. We moved into a new (12 yr old) home right before the holidays, (I'd just like to say - don't ever do that!) :) and then we added a little more stress with some renovations. We truly are excited to create our own new space in a new house, but it's definitely been challenging living in it and going through the holidays during these changes.  
Kitchen renovation in progress!
One of the spaces we needed to complete right away was our home office (so my husband and I could work - really important!) Making decisions on new colors (carpet, paint, cabinets) is not an easy task.  After finally deciding on a color, it took about 6 different samples before I found my perfect paint color! I overheard the sales clerk at Sherwin Williams say "everyone is wanting gray paint this year."  That was after I had already painted our office ~ a light gray!
Beautiful new office!
I'm not usually one to do what everyone else is doing, so it's a good thing that was finished. :)  I LOVE the gray walls, darker gray furniture and brown carpeting!! We did get furniture and "stuff" moved in. I'll post a completed picture once it's organized. Here's a sneak peek...

Whether starting from scratch with a brand new room, or just painting one wall, selecting the right color is difficult. There are so many variations of every single color and each one can look so different in each house. We now offer a color consultation service to help with those choices. We are happy to give you suggestions and work collaboratively with you to make your space feel like home.  
Don't be overwhelmed, just give us a call (602-330-6042) or stop by the shop to set up an appointment if you'd like some assistance.  We'd love to help.

Here's to the start of 2015 ~ Let's make this the best year yet!
Donna (and Diana)

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