Monday, April 21, 2014

4 Renewal

Diana and I love to head out in search of old, rusty, weathered, distressed, “chippy paint” items.  Unique items that we can pick up and bring new life to.  It can be anything – just ask our husbands!  They are often questioning what we bring in.  (Questioning being the nice way of stating what they actually say.)  :)  Until they see what we can do with them.  It might just take a coat of paint, or an entire redesign – like making a light out of a vintage egg basket… SO CUTE!  We love to look at things in a new way.  
Soon to be lamps!

This year, we weren’t able to go on our “hunt” together – since Diana needed a new hip.  I had to venture out alone.  It wasn’t nearly as much fun, but yes – I was still able to find some treasures!  Many are already in the shop, and some we are working on renewing…  just like Diana.

Diana’s hip has been repaired (she even got a new pink ceramic hip ball, perfect for her!) and she is certainly feeling a sense of renewal as well.  Getting stronger every day, she's making great progress.  Of course, she's anxious to get back to the shop (it’s very difficult for her to stay still), but at least she’s been able to sit and create – which she loves to do.  She’s made more of her beautiful crosses, which were almost completely sold out!
Diana will be back at the shop full time very soon. And we’ll be able to go on our treasure hunt together next time - YAY!     

Renew, renovate, repair, restore:  Making something the way it formerly was.  Although we prefer to make things better… or at least different! 

Love & New Life,
Donna (& Diana)

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