Friday, March 14, 2014

4 Spring (Cleaning!)

Ahhhh springtime… at least in Cave Creek it feels like spring.  So many places around the country still feel like winter, but spring has shown up in AZ!  What’s not to love about spring?  Sunshine with nice cool temperatures, flowers blooming, birds chirping, spring break, and even spring-cleaning - seriously!!

Every year I definitely get into that “spring cleaning” mood.  I try to keep a clean house all the time, but I actually love having major clean-out projects.  In fact, I get super excited for them.  We “down-sized” a couple of years ago, and so I don’t really understand how we still have so much “stuff” (in closets and storage throughout the house) to clean out, but we do.  OK, let’s be honest, I do LOVE to shop, own a shop, love to shop in my shop, so I can’t help it!  :)  It also gives me an excuse to do some spring-cleaning every year!  So yay.

We decided to do a little spring-cleaning at our store as well.  We are getting ready to go to market (another reason I love spring!) and we need to clear out some space.  

We are marking down some one-of-a-kind items 30%, so we’ll have some great spring deals!  Stop by to take a look.
Enamelware from Europe

Wicker Wine Bottles from Europe
Wood Bowls from India

Typically for me, not only does spring cleaning  mean “cleaning and organizing” but also changing some of my décor.  Whether I just move things around a little, or replace some items, changing it up is fun.  It also feels SO good to have clean, organized space to live and work in.  I’ve just begun cleaning in my home office - I’m so excited!  Time to look for some new treasures very soon.  :)  

So, in addition to enjoying spring break, enjoy a little spring-cleaning this year! Clean-out, organize, then refresh!  

Oh, and don’t forget to dust those ceiling fans - ugh - dusting, the one thing I don’t enjoy!    Love & Cleanliness,  Donna (& Diana)

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