Tuesday, January 14, 2014

4 New Ways to Style a Scarf

A scarf is such a versatile accessory.  It adds color and texture to any wardrobe.         

Whether wearing a light silky floral style in spring … 

or a thick wool houndstooth pattern in winter … 
it can completely change the look of an outfit.  

I have come to absolutely love scarves and I feel like it completes an outfit.  Until recently, I never thought about coming up with new ways to wear them.  I typically wrap my scarves just 2 different (simple) ways.    

Once I decided to come up with some new looks, I googled "how to tie a scarf." I was amazed at how many different options there are.  There is even an app for it!  I love that!  Seriously, I never thought about tying my scarves so creatively.  Surely there are other people, like me, who wrap their scarf a couple of times and out the door you go.  Well, with just a couple more steps, you can have a new look with a fashionably tied scarf!  Here are 4 cute options I found…

These styles look fairly easy to do, and I'm giving them a try.  Even if they don't turn out exactly like the pictures, I think they'll still look good.  Or maybe I'll come up with my own new look!  :)

If you never wear a scarf, but have thought about giving it a try - I would encourage you to do so.  It's a fun fashion accessory.  When selecting one, there are a couple of things to think about though.  If you think wrapping extra fabric around your neck might feel too constricting, then select a lightweight fabric and tie it loosely.  In addition, scarves can definitely help warm you when it's cold, so keep that in mind when choosing the fabric.  

We've got some really cute scarves in the shop.  I hope you'll stop by and check them out … and try out some new scarf styles!!  We love them and you can too!

Love & fashion fun, Donna (& Diana)

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