Wednesday, October 16, 2013

4 our new friend, Frank!

We opened (our brick & mortar) shop 8½ months ago, February 1, 2013.  Just a few short months later (4 to be exact – that’s so fitting!) we found ourselves looking for a new space.  We loved our tiny little shop and put SO much work into it.  It was difficult to think of leaving, but necessary.  Luckily this time, we only needed to paint our new space.  And even more luckily, we met our new friend, Frank Imel! 

Frank has been in Cave Creek for 39 years.  He is a designer, builder, and artist.  He worked at Sperry Corporation as a facilities engineer for 22 years.  After designing and building facilities all over the US and Europe, he decided to design and build custom homes in Cave Creek, AZ.  In addition, Frank was introduced to pottery making in 1970 and soon after began his career in this medium as well.  He sold his pottery pieces at craft shows for years, and then opened a retail shop in 1977 at the current Horny Toad Gift Shop location.  He continues to enjoy the entire pottery process. 
Wind Chimes, Teapots,  & Canisters
We are incredibly happy to have partnered with Frank in our (technically his :) current space, with several rooms full of his work.  
He makes beautiful and original pottery pieces. We’ve always loved handmade pottery, so it's the perfect fit for us!  He has a large selection to choose from in the shop; I've attached a very small sampling of pictures showing his work. You can also tour his studio, which is attached to the shop.  

More importantly for us though, Frank is nice, helpful, honest, and incredibly generous.  He is busy with his own work, but goes above and beyond to help us.  We couldn’t be more grateful, and we feel so fortunate to have joined forces with him.  And it's exciting to love our new shop too! 
Pottery Purse!
Be sure to stop by and meet Frank.  You can also learn more about him on his website at

Love and gratefulness, Donna (& Diana)

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