Thursday, September 5, 2013

4 Great Anticipation

The word anticipation immediately makes me burst into song. Watch out Carly Simon - ha ha!  OK, NO.  But I do love the word.  We anticipate so many things in life, which makes everything even more exciting!  Don't you just love that?!!  Yes!  As long as you are living life along the way (and not getting too wound up), anticipating all new things can be positive and enjoyable.

We are currently anticipating the arrival of ... SO many new (& old) products!  One of our business friends traveled around Europe recently and is bringing back some awesome merchandise.  We are in the process of selecting some of the unique pieces they found (which is so difficult because we want everything!)  :)  Here are pictures of just a few of the incredible items we will be picking up.

We do love old, rustic items!  We also love brand new too.  I think we have a great mix of both.  We’ve also reordered some of the items that we only had a few of and that have sold out very quickly. (Frames, Soap Dishes, Signs, Pillows, etc.) 
Unfortunately we can no longer get our (sold-out) “happy wife happy life” signs, but we are hoping to find some new ones! 

In addition to the large quantity of home décor items, we have a lot of beautiful new jewelry pieces arriving soon also.

So as you can see, we are anxiously awaiting (anticipating!) lots of new fabulous items.  We hope you are as well! 

“Wake up in anticipation, something great is going to happen today!”  
Love, Donna (& Diana)

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